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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences
Volumen 5, Fascículo 3, 2019
Artículo de Investigación
Aplicaciones de Monte Carlo en Simulaciones de Rayos X

Ana María Cabanas1 & Pedro Arce2

  1. Instituto de Alta Investigación, Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile.
  2. Departamento de Tecnología, Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medio Ambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), Madrid, España.

La correspondencia debe dirigirse a Ana María Cabanas. Email:

Recibido el 17 de Abril de 2019, Aceptado el  13 de Junio de 2019

CABANAS, A. M. & ARCE, P. Monte-Carlo applications for X-ray simulation. J. health med. sci., 5(3):195-201, 2019

ABSTRACT: Radiological Interventions involve high ionizing radiation doses exposition as much for the patient as for the health staff located at the treatment room. As result, many questions are present about the necessity of using new methods that allow us to reduce the derivate risks from this exposition.  Monte Carlo simulation is a method that allows to accurately determine the received dose from the irradiated individuals without direct measurement. This work briefly reviews the conceptual and potential role of the Monte Carlo simulations, its historical development and computational aspects related to randomness. It is emphasized for applications in radiology and in clinically applied methods to be available for the medical community.

KEY WORDS: radiological protection, dosimetry, Monte Carlo simulation, stochastic phenomena

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