Journal of Health and Medical Sciences
Volumen 5, Fascículo 3, 2019
Artículo de Investigación
Results and Future Perspectives of Radiological Protection in Pediatric Interventional Cardiology for Chile

Ubeda, C.1; Miranda, P.2; Vano, E.3 & Nader, A.4

  1. Clinical Sciences Department, Health Sciences Faculty, CECRAD, Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica, Chile.
  2. Hemodynamic Department, Cardiovascular Service, Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital, Santiago, Chile.
  3. Radiology Department Complutense University and San Carlos Hospital, 28040, Madrid, Spain.
  4. International Atomic Energy Agency, Radiation Protection of Patient Unit, NSRW, Vienna, Austria.

The correspondence should be addressed to Carlos Ubeda de la Cerda. Email:

Received in May 07, 2019. Accepted in July 27, 2019. 

UBEDA, C.; MIRANDA, P.; VANO, E. & NADER, A. Results and future perspectives of radiological protection in pediatric interventional cardiology for Chile. J. health med. sci., 5(3):175-181, 2019.

ABSTRACT: This work aims to show the main results achieved in Chile during the years following the Bonn Conference on paediatric interventional cardiology (IC) procedures and discuss further actions to improve radiation safety in this medical practice. All the X-ray systems used in paediatric IC procedures in Chile have been characterized in terms of dose and image quality. Besides diagnostic reference levels by age ranges and weights have been established. Furthermore, it has been measured the scatter dose levels at the cardiologist position, for 10 common types of paediatric IC procedures and categorized for four age groups using phantoms to simulate patients. To maintain and improve radiation safety in paediatric IC, it is expected to revise and update the legislation governing the use of ionizing radiation, including the improvement of the Quality Assurance programs and training in Radiation Protection.

KEY WORDS: interventional cardiology, quality assurance programs, ionizing radiation, radiation protection.

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