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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences
Volumen 5, Fascículo 3, 2019
Artículo de Revisión
Exposición a Ruido no Ocupacional. Desde la Fisiología hasta la Evaluación Auditiva y Normativa en Chile

Cristian Aedo1, 2 & Gonzalo Cuellar Muñoz1, 2

  1. Laboratorio de Audiología y Percepción Auditiva, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile, Chile.
  2. Departamento de Tecnología Médica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile, Chile.

La correspondencia debe dirigirse a Cristian Aedo Sánchez. Email:

Recibido el 13 de Febrero de 2019. Aceptado el 09 de Julio de 2019

AEDO C. & CUELLAR M. G. Exposure to non-occupational noise. From physiology to auditory evaluation and normative in Chile. J. health med. sci., 5(3):141-147, 2019.

ABSTRACT: According to data from the world health organization, there would be around 470 million people with hearing damage from exposure to intense noise, a number that could double in the next 30 years. Although in our country has developed a protocol for workers exposed to noise, there is a group of people with many risk factors to could suffer hearing loss associated with exposure to non-occupational noise (commonly called recreational). This work will analyze the physiology of acute and chronic noise exposure, its clinical evaluation and the implications of exposure to non-occupational noise in different sectors of the population.

KEY WORDS: cochlear hair cells, hearing loss, noise.

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