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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences

Journal of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Tarapacá, Chile. It is the continuation of the Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine and is published quarterly. It covers the following periods: number 1, between January and March; number 2, between April and June; number 3, between July and September; and number 4, between October and December. The abbreviation of his title is J. health med. sci., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends, and bibliographical references.

Volume 8

Volume 8, Numero 3

July - September 2022

Formative Research

Mauricio Soto-Suazo

Categorization and review of reevaluations in computed tomography in an emergency teleradiology unit

Ignacio Flores, Paul Orellana, Giulliana Gonzáles, Jessica Ulloa, Fernando Carvajal, Mario González, Pablo Hidalgo, Luis Sarabia,

Education, culture and diversity, are they the object of reflection in careers in health sciences?

Lucía Santelices Cuevas, Carolina Williams Oyarce, Mauricio Soto-Suazo

Hernia of De Garengeot an up to date of diagnosis, initial management and treatment: a narrative review and a case study report

Giovanni Petracca, Gustavo G. Gómez, Mauricio Soto-Suazo

Improving the development of initial hypotheses for clinical diagnostic reasoning in physical therapy students: a methodological proposal

Matías Ossa Cox, Carolina Williams Oyarce

Update on the diagnosis, management and treatment of fever of unknown origin: review article and case report

Jatniel Delgado Valdivia, Gustavo Gómez Barbieri, Oscar F. Araneda, Niurka Taureaux Díaz, Massimo Pandolfi, Mauricio Soto-Suazo

Outpatient dental emergency in the population of the public health network in Chile, 2017-2020

Patricia Moya R., Carolina Vidal G., María José Escobar E., Camila Garrido C.

Use of radiographic examination protocols for diagnostic evaluation of osteogenesis imperfecta

Guillermo Alberto López, Fernando Ramos, Hellen Rosendo, Ludmilla De Souza

Bilateral tympanic hole. Case analysis from the literature

Paulette Alejandra Paiyeé Villegas, María Fernanda Cortés-Sylvester, Andrés Noah Melian Rivas

Clinical Case-based Learning (CCBL): an active methodology applicable to health sciences careers

Williams Carolina, Gómez Gustavo, Soto-Suazo Mauricio

Morphological Study of Pont?culus P?sticus in Lateral Teleradiographies

Sergio Gutiérrez B., Benjamín Gonzalez T., María Fernanda Cortés-Sylvester, Marcela Torrealba T.